Michael Kors Watches -: Combining Classic Appeal with High Tech Fashion!

Published: 21st September 2009
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Michael Kors is absolutely regarded as one of the world's most prestigious luxury designers and his brand is reflective of an exquisite sense of style, immense quality and fine craftsmanship. The brand has been established for over twenty five years and the range consists of clothing, fragrances and of course, the fine collection of Michael Kors watches.

Michael Kors Watches - Exquisite Style

You only have to look at a few models in the Michael Kors watch range to see that the timepieces have a distinct element of decadence and luxury. The collection is priced between £80 and £200 and definitely geared towards those who enjoy a fine sense of delicate style. That said, Michael Kors watches are real statement pieces with defining features such as tortoiseshell band patterns, shell finish style patterns, super feminine chain bracelet styles and warm autumnal colours including fawns, browns and creams. Perfect for the forthcoming season! The brand also has some new styles which are slightly more edgy than the other models in the collection and these feature chunky cuff style bands with small buckle detailing. To be a successful fashion label, you need to adapt your unique style to fit in with current trends and fashion and Michael Kors watches have achieved the perfect balance by remaining classic yet incorporating hints of current trends. The general styles of Michael Kors watches are very unique and you can immediately tell which label they belong to without being too over the top with brand logos.

Michael Kors Watches - Only Purchase the Genuine Article

As Michael Kors watches are made using the highest quality manufacturing techniques, they are perfect investment watches. However, many online and retail stores will attempt to copy the exquisite style which is difficult to achieve because the timepieces are crafted to absolute precision and difficult to replicate exactly. To avoid purchasing a fake Michael Kors watch, ensure that you check the timepiece comes with an exclusive Michael Kors label and check the detailing as the real thing will be perfect.

Michael Kors Watches - Live Streaming at Fashion Week

In addition to creating unique garments and accessories, Michael Kors recognises that in order to optimise his audience and potential customers, the brand needs to be technically savvy in terms of its marketing strategies. Many designer have recently jumped on the technical bandwagon but Michael Kors has definitely stepped up by deciding to broadcast his catwalk shows at Fashion Week directly from his website and live so that those of us who aren't fortunate enough to have front row seats can watch the show from the comfort of our computers. Kors will be presenting his Spring 2010 collection. With Donna Karan introducing an i-phone application, and Alexander McQueen going all tech savvy on us, it seems it is definitely cool to be a geek but also proves that technology is a great way for designers to become closer to their customers.

Celebrities adore the refined style of Michael Kors clothing and accessories and whilst his garments are a little on the more expensive side and not quite suitable for all budgets, a Michal Kors watch will get you that genuine A List style for a fraction of the price.

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