Guess Watches – 25 Years Old!

Published: 25th September 2009
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Guess was quite possibly the brand that really made the number one wardrobe staple item - the ever faithful jeans, as popular as they are today. When the Marciano brothers launched their line of blue jeans, the idea of wearing jeans suddenly became more glamorous and consequently became a huge trend that has stuck. Before Guess launched these blue jeans, denim was always regarded as simple daytime work wear and not at all perceived as stylish or sexy. When the Guess jeans hit the shelves and the celebrities were rarely seen without a pair, this was all about to change.

Therefore when Guess extended its product lines and launched its range of Guess watches, the reaction though perhaps not quite so overwhelming was very similar and the new accessory soon became the hot item to own. Guess watches are considered to be highly stylish and the numerous designs available are worn by celebrities all over the globe as the brand's unique and sexy styles allow them to differ from other labels. The typical wearer of Guess is said to be the type of person who likes to look great and is fashion savvy but by the same token has the ability to set their own unique style.

Guess Watches - Celebrating 25 Year Birthday

Guess watches are now 25 years old, and eager to celebrate in style, the brand has marked this special year by launching four new timepiece styles which are sure to be loved and desired by the existing fans of the brand as well as reaching out to a wider audience. Guess also got into the party spirit by putting on a party in a number of shops and department stores whereby shoppers were treated to birthday cakes, cookies and even goodie bags. Some lucky customers may have even received a Guess watch in their goody bag. The celebration watches all cost under £110 making them budget friendly and are designed in typical Guess style featuring diamante-studded dials and a range of colourful leather straps. The watches are limited edition and thus special engravings have been etched onto the back of the watches making them future collector's items. In addition to a new range of Guess watches, the brand also launched a new collection of fragrances.

Guess Watches - Listening to the Consumer

Back in June this year (2009), Guess presented at the Fashion Piper Jaffray Annual Consumer Conference in New York which featured a panel comprised of teenagers. These teens were students who throughout the conference discussed a range of topics relating to the teen market including the latest trends in electronics, food, clothing and accessories. Using this first hand insight from their target consumer, Guess can then take any feedback, suggestions, needs and wants and incorporate this into their future designs. Listening to what your potential customers want from your band is essential in creating the right products and conferences such as this allow brands such as Guess to get their product and marketing strategies just right and thus boost sales.

Guess watches are a great way of accessorising your look with a beautiful edge. The brand is super glamorous but has a reasonable price tag, allowing slightly younger customers to enjoy the Guess style. With many different styles available ranging from classic to dressy and everything in between, Guess watches also incorporate a hint of bling making them look wonderfully sexy, fun and stylish.

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