Ducati Watches – The New Hit Accessory by the Iconic Motorbike Brand

Published: 08th January 2010
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Ducati watches - Motorbike Chic!

When you hear conversations about motorbikes, Ducati is a brand that is sure to be mentioned! Eager to continue their product range, the Ducati brand has teamed up with Swiss jewellery and watch manufacturers Binda to produce a collection of special watches designed with the same theme as the motorbikes.

Even if you are not necessarily a motorbike fan, you will probably have heard of Ducati which is renowned for being one of the most iconic motorbike manufacturers in the world. The general theme of the Ducati brand is that it is for the adventurous whereby only the best is good enough. Therefore the range of Ducati watches have been designed to also convey that sense of a competitive spirit and also to represent the history and emotion associated with the brand since it began in 1926.

There are two main types of Ducati watches; the Ducati One and the Desmo-:

Ducati Watches - Ducati One

The Ducati One watch takes the core design elements and sports quality of the Ducati brand and combines these two factors to create the ultimate in superb style and the best performance. The aesthetic style of Ducati watches are definitely influenced by that of the motorbikes which are made in Italy and features of the watch mimic the style of the engine and details of the motorbikes right from the spheres inspired by the unique Trellis frame to the watchstrap patterns that are similar to tyre treads. Ducati One watches are all about the suggestion of emotion and the history of the Ducati brand.

Ducati Watches - Desmo-:

The Desmo Ducati watches are unique models that combine performance with the latest and most innovative technologies. The name of this Ducati watch comes from the Desmodromic system which is a technological solution found in all Ducati models. The Desmo watches aesthetically look contemporary and fierce and are definitely what you would describe as a statement watch and are the most modern and current looking style wise of the Ducati watch collection. Oversized dials, extreme precision and chunky robust aesthetics are common design features in the Desmo Ducati watches. Again, inspiration from the racing scene is also reflected with features such as the shield sported on the dial.

Ducati Watches - Intense Style, Function and Quality

In terms of the style and fashion factor, Ducati watches are right on trend for 2010 and beyond as boast bold and modern aesthetics which easily transcend from day to night wear. If you prefer something a little feminine and not so aggressive within the styling, a selection of the Ducati watches have a more feminine touch as opposed to a 'heavy duty' style appearance. Like that of the motorbikes, full function is also a top priority and all Ducati watches are exclusively Swiss Made and include only the finest materials including sapphire glass, steel and titanium making the watches durable and fully robust.

Ducati watches are definitely one of the hot watch brands to keep an eye out for in 2010 and even if you are not a fan of motorbikes, are the perfect unique, edgy and super cool statement accessory. Ducati has an iconic brand history and reputation of being the absolute best and the same certainly applies to the range of Ducati watches.

Ducati watches expert David Allen, has years of experience in the sports watch market. His knowledge of watches extends to many fashion brands including Nixon watches , Timex watches and many more designer watch brands.

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